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For over a decade, BIBGroup EAD has set itself apart from competitors by consistently achieving remarkable milestones in Bulgaria, spanning from industrialization to globalization. Throughout this journey, BIBGroup EAD has played pivotal roles in securing its leading positions within the industry.

Aligned with international standards of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and social responsibility, BIBGroup EAD effectively manages its activities. By adhering to these standards, the company ensures transparency, accountability, and ethical practices in all aspects of its operations. 

Bulgarian Industrial Business Group EAD has successfully distinguished itself from competitors over the past decade by attaining significant accomplishments in the Bulgarian business landscape. Through its contributions to industrialization and globalization, the company has played pivotal roles in securing leading positions within various sectors.


Our dedicated team works closely with clients to understand their specific challenges and goals. We then leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to identify the best solutions for their unique needs. Our commitment to delivering the best service means that we are constantly researching and evaluating new technologies, trends, and market developments to stay ahead of the curve.


To obey the laws

BIBGroup EAD continued to contribute to the economy of Bulgaria by investing in different sectors

As an organization that aims to create policies for this purpose, it prioritizes social responsibility initiatives developed around this understanding

To support long-term projects

Legal and sustainable business activities

Open and transparent principles of partnership and cooperation

Accepting business ethics, honesty, and respect as ethical values

To minimize the risk during business